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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  November 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and killed in his stroller. but for a family still grieves, it's not enough because little antic is gone and nothing can bring him back. >> the man who pulled the trigger and accomplice were sentenced. >> he was just 16 months old when he was shot and killed while riding in his stroer. today, a judge punished the two men convicted in his death. gl i have no closure and i'm not satisfied with anything. when it comes to these criminals, i don't care if they die of natural causes. his mother was too distraught to be in court today, so her sister read a statement on her be behalf. >> while everyone calls this justice, i know for a fact these guys don't care about the time because when it's over, they'll be back on ristol street committing more crimes. >> his fath t, anthony,dwas pushing him in a stroller i tn wthis brownsville n ghborhood
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prosecutors believe the boy's father was the target. the judge sentencedhim to 20 years behind bars. 21-year-old wright handed him sentencing him to 15 years plus probation. wright was stoic in court today except for this promise. >> my sister said she's not really h.ppy with it, but she's happy with the judge's decision. thankful for the da's decision and the jury. >> howard jackson frequently speaks with antiq's mother and explained her inconsolable grief. >> in as far as thens is sentencing's concerned, nothing will bring back her child and that's what she has to live with. >> the attorneys say they plan to appeal the judge's decision. at supreme court in downtown ooklyn, news 4 new york.
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want to go back to the breaking news we've bee following in new jersey. one man is dead, a child rushed to the hospital after an apparent drive by shooting. is happened about 3:00 this afternoon in plainfield. witnesses say they heard at least ten shots ring out. the intended target apparently, a young man and that person was struck several times and killed. a little girl proying in a backyard a distance away was hit in the leg. she is expected to be okay. the gunman still on the run. we have new information night in the case of the connecticut couple whose bodies were found last week. me'vdical examiners say that jeffrey and jeanette maven died of multiple gun shot woupds. they disappeared on august 4th. their remains were found last thursday. police charged their son with murder earlier this week. today, mournersgatored for the wake of a little girl and her grandfather killed in a
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family and friends paid their respects. they were killed saturday when an out of control car jumped a curb and slammed into them as they were trick or treating. the mother says the family and family togetherness has been key to elping her survive such an unexpected and cruel loss. >> in terms of celebrating her life, we're happy she was able to lead a good life and my family's going to support me, my children and let us get through the rest of this. >> the funerals will be held tomorrow. the third victim in a halloween tragedy was laid to rest wednesday. new at 55:30, police need your help to find the man who exposed himself to a young girl on a bronx city bus. we're going to show you the suspect in a beige sweater in that video right there. pretty clear. this was released just about three hours ago. police say he exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl and touched
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her inappropriately on the bx bus. there's another look. this was two weeks ago. a bold heist immortalized in good fellas is back in the headlines. closing arguments got underway in the trial. the 80-year-old played a key role in a theft at kennedy airport. $6 f million worth of july iry were stolen from a cargo area. he's facing racketeering and corruption charges. when you think of first responders, the phone company is probably not the first thing you're thinking of. but technicians keep it up in disasters. we have a look at the new tools in their arsenal to make it happen. >> they are not cops or firefighters. but the men in those orange suits are first responders. and what they're trying to save is telecommunications. >> the network goes down, people can't call 911, for example. >> correct.
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>> for years, companies like at&t have had disaster response teams, but this is new. 4 investigators got a look at specialized phones that transmit video safely from a disaster. >> so, if there's been a chemical spin, if it's been impacted by a tie dad shurnlg, this team is able to go in, maintain that office, keep it going. >> the device looks like an iphone, but it's known as intrinsically safe, rubberized with special electronics. >> you can't take in normal normal electronics. it gives us a live video feed so the command team can see what they're seeing. >> we're in the midst of it right now. >> when superstorm sandy threatened lower manhattan's network, hazmat teams deployed, but didn't yet have the able ility to send back video. one recent day, secret location
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access to training. >> 43. check one last time. put the suit over your head. good to go? >> and i spoke with first responder steve. >> you can hear me, right? >> that's correct. >> what do you think of having the ability to transmit video images as you go into a dangerous situation? >> it's one of the best technologies we have right now. >> the cost of the suits, up to $2500 each. they say if the gear plus video saves your able ti ility to call for help, it's priceless. andrew siff, news 4 new york. coming up -- >> two connecticut teenagers arrested ed ed and now facing expums from school over a bad choice of halloween costumes. also, dave is on the plaza. >> well, we've got the trees. we've got the crowds. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, but it doesn't feel that way. we'll talk about cold
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temperatures and changes to the
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in connecticut, officials want to expel two students for dressing up at the columbine shooters for halloween. the two sophomores dressed up on halloween in black coats and sunglasses, then allegedly threatened possible violence at school the following day. >> it's a little harsh. >> in any case, if a child is threatening another child, there has to be consequences. gl an attorney for one of the tuesday nights says it was all a misunderstanding, explaining a sarcastic comment was made, but never a credible threat. new tonight, a safety alert
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students being sexually abused. the chief of police tells news 4 an e-mail was sebt to every student and faculty member to warn them. one tuesday night was student was victimized on the north side of the campus. police believe they are connected. next, he was brand one of the bad a men on a tabloid cover, now, the innocent teen reveals how it changed everything for him. and lester holt has a look at what he's working on tonight. >> coming up at 6:30 on nightly new, we'll tell you about what flight recorders in this doomed russian vet liner may be revealing. was it the sound of an explosion? as the u.s. moves forward with some aviation security changes. ben carson facing cross-suitny over stories he's told and why good news on the unemployment front may soon mean you'll be paying more for credit card
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coming up at 6:00, after a horrific attack on rikers island correction officer, news 4 investigates why the city's jail is being prevented from protecting the guards. plus, a graduation and new record in a department where diversity has been a problem. how the faces start change ing. those stories tonight when we see you at 6:00. thank you. the lawyer for a man convicted of killing a connecticut mother and her two daughters wants his death sentence thrown out. the attorney says it's uninstitutional to put steven
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since connecticut law mareks abolished capital punishment in 2012. but that was only applied to new cases. they are on death row for killing jennifer hawke-petit and her daughters in 2007. a teenager wrongly linked to the boston marathon bombing is opening up about how the experience changed his life forever. he is revealing how he dealt with the aftermath of seeing his face on the front page of the "new york post." the newspaper published -- it was and a friend linking them to the bombings. authorities vul which you willy released images of the brothers. but the damage was done. >> in that picture, 6,000 comments and they were all the same thing. are you a terrorist? >> he said he was afraid to leave his house and struggled with depression and saw his grades drop.
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he says he decided to get past the anger and bitterness. it's a message he's now sharing with his classmates. >> life is full of obstacles and struggles. some of the things that bring you down bring you down ft. rest of your life. but it's all on you. if you want to face your fears, face your obstacles. >> he filed a lawsuit against the "new york post." the two sides reached a settlement last fall. >> the latest challenge includes seven cases filed by hospitals, colleges and charities that say providing free contraceptives to women violates their religious beliefs. churches are excement. >> speaking of health insurance, this week marks the start of open enrollment, so now is the time to start thinking about your needs for next year. the things to consider and the deadlines you need to know about. here's lynda baquero. >> whether it's a private plan or a subsidized policy, here are
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some important dates and factors to consider for your information. >> whether your family is growing. >> got late l addition. >> yes, pay for him too, now. >> now is the time to sign up for the best coverage for your needs. >> do you ever compare the rates to other companies to see if you're getting a good deal? >> i compare them and make a decision. >> i'm fine with what i have. >> we pay about $400 every two weeks. that's a lot of money for a family of six. >> you've got to act now. under the affordable care act for your new coverage for your new coverage to begin january 1st, you have to enroll or make changes by december 15th. 31st. if you don't enroll by then, you can't get coverage for next year unless you meet special requirements. and private plans have even tighter deadlines.
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>> and changes? >> i did not make any changes. gl i'm happy with what i have right now. >> no changes? >> other than including my wife on health insurance. >> because his wife retired. when shopping policies, compare not just the premium, but the deductible and out of pocket costs before the coverage kicks in. if the deductible is high, consider a health savings account, which allows you to save money on a pre-tax basis and if you have preferred doctors, make sure they'll be covered under your policy next year. >> i have shopped around and there's nothing better. everything is the same. h hmos are the same, ppos. >> complaining to me about the prices. but if your employer offers health insurance, you might want to look at what's available on the marketplace and compare. lots of other things to consider, especially whether your doctor will accept the policy. >> timely with everybody getting ready here and to get in touch
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send an e-mail or call us. >> so there's a bit of excitement here at rockefeller center today. many of us work here put out these photos. here, you're looking at high speed video here. the tree is is here. a crane hoisted the ten ton norway spruce into a spot next to the ice rink. this year's tree, 78 feet tall, 47 feet wide and 80 years old and will be topped with a swars ski star. it doesn't feel like it yet. >> not at all. dave price is on the plaza where it is still in the 70s. >> 72 degrees in fact. and it feels terrific out here. it is gorgeous. 80 years of good living looks like if you're a tree and now, it's ours.
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and in just about a month with five miles of wires and 45,000 lights, it will be the center point of tourism here in new york city. let's look at the weather because that's the only thing that doesn't make sense right now. it's november. the tree is here. people are celebrating, but it's still in the 70s. so let's go through the conditions and see what's happening. we talked a tbt fact that 72 degrees was what it reads now. i'll ask our camera man to pan off and up at the beautiful tree as we look at the weather headlines. records are tied and broken. we did at laguardia, at jfk, at islip, at bridgeport. we tied a record in central park. everywhere else we broke it. newark, not so much. cooler air though is on its way. it will feel more like it should at this time of the year. and a real fall weekend is certainly ahead for us. weak cold front beginning to move through the area. it's going to drop temperatures
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now, spinning out a little bit of rain so we could see a spot shower. the radar picture shows that. the future cast shows that chances of the shower activity defin finish as we head through the overnight. as far as tonight goes, we'll see temperatures dip into the 50s around the area. and we'll see winds out of the south just about 5 to 15 miles per hour. we'll xeep a possibility of a shower in place. that should be all around the region. as far as the weekend outlook goes, partly cloudy and breezy. just a 50 degree drop between friday and sunday and as far as the seven-day forecast goes, cooler temperatures are going the prevail and we'll be in for a stretch of weather that makes sense given the calendar. live outside rockefeller plaza, the scaffolding up t tree up and now, all we're waiting for are the lights and holiday season to kick off.
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so many people excited behind you. now that tree's up, comes the big tas task of decorating it with 45,000 lights. remember you can see the tree lighting on wednesday, december 2nd, here on nbc 4. just a few more lights. up next, "spongebob squarepants" saves a life, how the cartoon helped a staten island teen rescue a choking classmate. first, our social pick of the day. keeping with the theme. we wanted to get the social media view of the rock center tree from our viewers, so we thank jordana for sending this to us today. >> she did a great job. if you have an interesting pick you'd hike to share, use our hashtag on twitter or instagram. it might be the social pick of
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autistic saved a classmate who was choking ung the h mlich maneuver and says he learned it om.watching "spongebob squarepants." >> watching cartoons may have helped brandon williams save a fe. the 13-year-old who has autism saw his friend jessica choking on an apple. we asked him to tell us what happened next. >> one day, jessica apple and coughing with his mouth opened, got his throat, like this. saved her life. thank you very much. >> brandon performed the heimlich perfectly. what's even more amazing is where he learned it. >> "spongebob squarepants." >> he told us he learned what to do from this episode of "spongebob." here's the strange thing, in the episode, he never does the heimlich. there is a different episode
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thhee heimlich. >> like this. >> brandon's parents explained. >> with with brandon, he files things away in the back of his headu the memory is like a snonge. >> i'm elated. m shocked and very proud that he was able to save s ebody se's life. >> brandon is now getting a party and a big thanks from jessica. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it's an eye ope cng experience to see what these kids can actually do. these kids can do anything they want and you've just got to give them a chance.ld>> michael george, news 4 new york. >> way to go, brandon. that does it for us. >> stay with us at the news continues at 6:00.
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officer attacked. why is the main jail being prevented from using security devices to protect the guards? >> plus, record breaking heat in november. when the cooldown is finally coming. >> and how diverse the fdny is now after today's gladuation ceremony for new recruits. >> rikers island is under a lockdown as investigators try to determine how an officer was viciously attacked by inmates. >> two teenagers were arraigned this afternoon in the bronx. sarah wallace has the latest on this violence at rikers. >> you know, the adolescent jail has been a powder keg for years. many insiders both officers and inmates have long told me that gang members, specifically the blood, virtually run the jail. the latest incident yesterday when two teens allegedly attacked an officer. the pictures were about to show you are disturbing, but they
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